"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better"

We, at Sagar Public School, always believe that the single-minded pursuit for excellence continues to thrive in the hallowed corridors of the school. Continuing with this belief, we are glad to share the new Scholarships policy of our schools which will be effective from the session 2018-19.

    "Criteria for Class XI - On the basis of the Board Result of Class X"
  • Students scoring 95% and above - Rs. 75,000 each
  • Students scoring 93%- 94.9% - Rs. 40,000 each
  • Students scoring 90% - 92.9% - Rs.20,000 each
  • Students scoring 87- 89.9%- Rs.5000 each

    "Criteria for Class XII - On the basis of the School Result of Class XI"
  • Students scoring 85% and above- Rs. 75,000 each
  • Students scoring 83- 84.9%- Rs.40,000 each
  • Students scoring 80- 82.9%- Rs.20,000 each

We are sure this will motivate and inspire the students to achieve the highest of their potential. Hope that the deserving students are honoured