Dear Parents,


This week was full of activities. From assembly to auditorium, halls were packed with students thriving. At the same time revisions and preparation for I term examination was in full swing.

It’s time now to concentrate and focus on academics. Time for examination! Please take of your children while they learn. Please take care of your children while they learn. Please give them all support and guidance so that they may perform well. Activities of the week are reported below for your consideration.


Rotary Club - Interschool Patriotic Group Song Competition

Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional. It helps the body and the mind to work together. Patriotic songs are songs that demonstrate love for one’s country or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice, land’s beauty, history or ideals. To expose our children to music, while also enhancing their language and presentation skills, Students of SPS GN participated in the Rotary Club - Inter school Patriotic Group Song Competition organized on 2nd September 2017 at Rotary hall. They won consolation prize and brought glory to the school.


India Shining Assembly - Ms. Rita Kharayat

India Shining Assembly was presented by Ms. Rita Kharayat on Jadhav Molai Payeng known as the "Forest Man of India" who single handedly created world biggest man made forest in Assam which is even bigger than the central park.

At an early age he realised that deforestation made animals lose their homes. He did not even get help from the forest department. "Every child should plant a tree and take of it until they leave school" is strongly advocated by him.

Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers Day at Sagar Public School was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The programme started with the lighting of lamp by Principal ma’am, Shrivastava sir and teachers followed by Saraswati Vandana. Various talents were shown by the students, felicitation of teachers was done by Dr. Pallavi Bhatnagar, Principal SISTEC, Dr. Swati Saxena, Vice Principal SISTEC, Mr. Pawan Grover, Executive Director Sagar Group of Institutions, Principal Dr. Jaishree Kanwar and Dean, Shrivastava sir and titles were given to teachers by the students .The performance of students on stage exclusively for teachers was a memorable one. The teachers too shed their inhibition and set the stage on fire with impromptu performance.


Senior House Assembly

The students of Aravali House presented an assembly on President Abraham Lincoln, in which they presented an interesting incident of Lincoln’s life which completely changed his appearance. It was the true story of an eleven years old girl who was an ardent follower of Lincoln and wanted him to be the President of USA. She suggested Lincoln to grow beard because she felt that his face was too thin this she suggested by writing a letter to him. Lincoln took her advice and remained bearded for the rest of his life.

Life Skill - Health Education

Health Education assembly was conducted by students of Class IV & V. Children presented their views through a skit. As per the skit a medical camp was organised in the Sagar Public school. Importance of breakfast was emphasised. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since it gives energy to do physical activities throughout the day.  

They also highlighted the importance of balance diet which helps in growth and proper functioning of our body. Aspects related to personal hygiene and cleanliness like washing hands, cutting nails and brushing teeth were also emphasised in order to stay healthy and fight diseases.

Junior House Assembly

The students of Satpura House presented an assembly on Forgiveness. Students explained everyone should forget someone's bad deeds and don't punish them for the same. Doing so is good for your body, your relationship and your place in everyone's heart. Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. It is really a sign of strength. Students show cast a skit where a woman took away the other woman's child and they were fighting for the child in front of the king. At the end the king thought of a plan and was able to find the real mother and was punishing the other woman for her bad deed. But the real mother forgives the other lady saying all that she has done was out of love for her son.

Quiz Competition

Quiz competition was held for the students of class I, II and III. The students enjoyed the buzzer round where the winner had to be alert and answer in a jiffy. The non-participants gave motivation by cheering up for their favourite participants. The smart and prompt answers were well appreciated. Finally after the execution of all four rounds, the communication and visual skills were polished; assembly questions and rapid fire round maintained the sportsman spirit. Winners were awarded Trophy by Principal Ma’am. It was a very educational and important event to be executed which encouraged students to be inquisitive and prompt in answering the questions.

Inter House Yoga Competition

We are proud to announce that SPS Gandhi Nagar has successfully conducted the Inter House Yoga competition between the four houses. In this competition students performed different asana very confidently and delicately. They also perform the Balancing asana. They also perform a stunning formation through different yoga asana. Around 40 students enthusiastically took part in this competition. The judges in this competition are Dhanlaxmi Ma'am and Lal Bahadur Sir. In this competition the winner is Satpura House and Runner up team is Himachal house.



The morning assembly was conducted by Ms. Rinky Soni with food for thought that “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”. She gave a message to the children to prepare while others are playing and dream while others are wishing to be successful followed by 3 minutes meditation.

Online Exam

Online Exam for GK conducted for the classes VI to VIII. These days many standardized exams are conducted online so it is required to give hands-on practice experience to our students. Students appeared in the online Exam very enthusiastically.


Class Assembly - VII E

September 8 was declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1965. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and society. To commemorate this special occasion and highlight the importance of literacy in our lives the students of class VII E presented a thought provoking assembly. The appalling condition of literacy in India was highlighted through a skit and the message of free and compulsory education is the fundamental right of every citizen was strongly conveyed.
The role of government policies and NGO's specially Sagar Vidya Niketan was also highlighted, which is taking a huge step in trying to bridge the gap of illiteracy and inequality. Lastly the students performed beautifully on "Siksha ka suraj hai Nikla....” and took a pledge to make our country 100% literate by 2030.

Class Assembly - II F

International Literacy Day

Literacy - an essential need of development for a country. So, to celebrate and spread awareness about literacy students of class II F presented the assembly on 51st World Literacy Day. It is celebrated every year on 8th of September by UNESCO since the year 1966 around the globe. Students raised awareness why, when and how it is celebrated with the help of facts and figures. A small skit was presented to encourage Literacy in rural areas. The assembly concluded with a dance performance on song "Deep Shiksha Ke Hain".

Rally for Rivers

Volunteers from Rally For Rivers, interacted with the students during the morning assembly and made them aware about the threats to our rivers they urged the students to participate in this campaign launched by Isha Foundation.They discussed the views of Sadguru , who started the campaign on September 3 from Isha Yoga Center. The assembly ended with a pledge that we all will rally for rivers.

Online Exam

Online Exam for Computers conducted for the classes VI to VIII. These days many standardized exams are conducted online so it is required to give hands-on practice experience to our students. Students appeared in the online Exam very enthusiastically.


Manas Chaturvedi - IX C got selected for SGFI under 14 Athletic 100 m - stood II & Long Jump - stood I. He is also selected for Divisions.

Daksh Agrawal – VIII selected for SGFI Archery in State Level.