Dear Parents,


As we near the festival of Dusshera the challenge of goodness over evil is to be the prime focus of character building. We the teachers and parents must give an exemplary input to our kids for appropriate character building. Hope you all enjoy the festival season. The weekly report is as follows -

Swimming Competition
13th of September was the day for swimming enthusiasts in the school. Inter class swimming competition was held for classes I & II. Inter House competition was held for classes III to V. Students were prepared for competitions during trial sessions held before. Various stroke categories were:
12 m Freestyle class I
25 m Freestyle class II to V
25 m Back stroke class IV and V
25 m Kicking with kickboards class I to II
Students were enthusiastic for the participation. Students were further motivated by certificate distribution to the winners.

Session for Junior Children by Ritu Nanda
"Be Smart, Alert and Aware"
This was the topic for the session conducted at SPSGN for Classes I - II and III - V in two separate groups, by school counsellor Dr. Ritu Nanda. The children were made aware regarding good and bad touch, confiding in safe adults and safety measures to be practiced in personal and social situations. During her interaction with this age group she counselled students to not to go alone to nearby shops or any friend’s place.  She gave tips to save themselves if found in any odd circumstances.
It was a very good awareness session for the students. Students also cleared their doubts by asking questions during the session.

19.09.2017 & 21.09.2017
Seminar over “Goal Oriented Leadership”
A Seminar for teachers of Sagar Group was held at SPS RN on Sep 16, 2017. It was conducted by Mr. Pawan Grover – Executive Director, Sagar Group of Institutions on the topic, “Goal oriented Leadership”. Eight teachers from SPSGN attended the seminar. The same group of teachers further conducted the seminar for colleagues at SPSGN.
The school Principal Ma’am Jaishree Kanwar along with all the teachers teaching classes VI to XII attended the workshop. The Senior Head Mistress Ms. Rinky Soni started the session with the topic, “Churning out Lakshmi”  and a team discussion was held on the topics like Proactive Gruda, “Talking matters”, They don’t have to think like you, turned out to be  highly interactive sessions.
Ma’am Jaishree Desai, Ms. Manavi Arora and Ms. Aforz Bano were the other speakers. It was a fruitful session and will help teachers in further honing their skills and become efficient leaders.
Ms . Arshi Gouhar. Ms.Saima Siddiqui Mr.Sujoy Sengupta and Ms.S.Bindu. The topics covered were "Competitors and Collaborators", "Win, Or  Be Right?","Wrapped in Rythms". Poison Of Stagnation" and "Implied Needs". It was a very interactive session as all the participants gave their fruitful inputs and share their experiences.

Session by Principal Ma’am for classes IX - X
A very inspiring and motivating session was taken by Principal Dr Jaishree Kanwar at SPS GN today for the students of Class IX- X wherein the students were informed about self discipline and being goal oriented. Time management can lead them to greater heights was also emphasised. Various short videos were shown on the topics which made the session very interesting.

Life Goal: Plan It ! Live It ! Achieve It
A session was conducted by Ms. Sunaina Kaur Maan on the topic “Life Goals:- Plant it, Live it, Achieve It!” for the students of class IX and X at the auditorium. She explained steps towards achieving goals which were commitment, plan, action, persevere, accomplish your dreams. It was followed by a video presentation which clearly showed the importance of right decision on right time. She showed life wheel of students in which she explained that we have to goal according to the priorities set by the life wheel. The students life wheel : Studies / Career, health, recreation, self image, spiritual, family, social / friends were  included. She showed video at last named “AIM” which made the session very interesting and fruitful.

Visit to CIAE
Students of Class V visited CIAE, (Central Institute of Agricultural, Nabibagh, Bhopal) along with teachers under Inter Disciplinary Activity (topic: soil). They witnessed different tools used in agricultural field which was demonstrated by the institute staff, they were amused to see soya milk and soya paneer (Tofu) . They also watched a documentary film on agriculture. This visit sensitised the young mind about the farmers, high-tech machines and agriculture in India. Overall it was a great experience for students and teachers.

Grandparents’ day Celebrations
“Grandparents are the footsteps of the future generation.”
To pay tribute to the grandparents of the Sagarites of class II, Grandparents day was celebrated in our school auditorium on 23.09.2017.It was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Programme started with welcome address of the Principal Dr Jaishree Kanwar, in which she mentioned that grandparents are the one and the best persons who teach values to the next generation. Students of class II presented eye captivating dance and song performances. Importance of grandparents was depicted through a small skit. Fun games were arranged for them to revive their childhood memories.
Chief Guest Retired Commander Shri P C Srimal graced the occasion with his benign presence. He addressed the gathering and told that the grandparents must play vital role in child’s life and thanked the management for arranging such events to make them feel important. All the grandparents left with happy memories to cherish.
• Faiz Usmani of Class VI played and won the semi-final U - 14 cricket match
• Students from our school participated in various activities organised by Regional Science Centre as a part of  'Swachhta Pakwada - 2017.

1. Poster making activity -

1. Mariyam Khan -  IX A
2. Devanshi Singh - X A
3.Devyani Kaushik  - IX C (won the 2nd prize)

2. Slogan Writing -             

1. Nikita Shrivastava - X C
2. Shudhi Patidar - X A
3. Jahanavi Gangwani - X A

3. Street Play ( Nukkad Natak) by Class IX & X students