Dear Parents,

The beginning of this week has also been the commencement of the second term for the students. We hope to spend a semester full of activities and events wherein our dynamic Sagarites shall participate with eagerness and take up studies with zeal.

Date: 23-09-2017

POCSO – Session for Teachers
Teachers of SPSGN participated in workshop on POCSO (Protection of Child Against Sexual Offences) and Cyber Crime (Use of Social Media and Internet) which was conducted by Orient Blackswan Pvt. ltd. in association with Bhopal Sahodaya Complex at Campion Sr. Sec. School Bhopal. First session taken by Fr. Jimmy James on POCSO rules and five types of sexual offences, defences and punishment.  Mr. Zohaib Khan, visiting faculty of Barkatullah University taken session on Cyber Crime and last session was taken by renowned resource person Vibhanshu Joshi, member of State Child Protection Society on child protection rights. He suggested many ways to ensure safety of children in school.

Date: 25-09-2017

Teacher Assembly

An assembly was conducted today by Ms. Manavi Arora on the topic “Applications of Mathematics in Real Life Problems”. Students were told about applications on maths in banking, medicine, gaming, industry etc. The concept of probability was highlighted and a video was shown wherein the use of this concept helped to solve the gaming problem.  It was reinforced that applying concepts of mathematics in different areas will help in learning the subject better.
India Shining Assembly - Ms. Shikha Sharma
India Shining Assembly was presented by Ms. Shikha Sharma on Dr. Rajendra Singh known as the "Water Man of India" who along with the TARUN BHARAT SANGH focused on rural development and water conservation in alwar district of Rajasthan. His constant efforts in this this field led to the development of various water tanks and rain water harvesting structures. In 2015 he embarked on the ‘WORLD WATER PEACE WALK’ to demand for water as a basic human right. His commitments and courage to bring a change has rightfully earned him an epithet “WATERMAN OF INDIA”

Visit to CIAE
Students of Class V visited CIAE, (Central Institute of Agricultural, Nabibagh, Bhopal) along with teachers under Inter Disciplinary Activity (topic: soil). They witnessed different tools used in agricultural field which was demonstrated by the institute staff, they were amused to see soya milk and soya paneer (Tofu) . They also watched a documentary film on agriculture. This visit sensitised the young mind about the farmers, high-tech machines and agriculture in India. Overall it was a great experience for students and teachers.


Regional Science Centre

The Regional Science Centre, Bhopal under its Swachhata Pakhwada Programme had organized an on the spot Essay writing competition on 26th September. The students Abhishek Mewada of class VIII C and Manini Pawar of class VIII A showed enthusiastic participation and wrote their essay on the topic “Your role in clean India Mission” .The students were escorted by Ms. Debarati Banerjee Singh.
Session by Psychologist

Session held at Session at Sant Hiradaram Girls College on 26.09.17 by renowned Psychologist Dr. N. S. Neelkanthan. Students of Classes XI & XII attended a psychological session on “Effects of Social Networking Sites” Sant Hiradaram Girls College, Bairagarh. It was a very interesting and influential session wherein the Speaker addressed the current and prevalent problem of excessive usage on social networking sites and its ill effects on children and their lives. Mr. Neelkanthan emphasised on the importance of family and the position of their parents in their lives. The children found the session very motivating.

Recapitulation Workshop for Students

A workshop on ‘skill and methods used in answering the English question paper was conducted for the middle sections (6th, 7th and 8th) for three consecutive days. It started with Ma’am Rachna Shrivastava who guided the students for attempting the question of “Grammar” on the second day Ma’am Swati Kaushal took the work show that was followed by Ma’am Debarati and Ma’am Nishat. The workshop dealt with various sections of English Question paper.


Senior House Assembly

As we all are gearing up to celebrate Dusshera the festival which symbolizes the victory of good over the evil; the students of Himachal House paid a tribute to Nelson Mandela by presenting an assembly on him. The students beautifully portrayed the message of this great and epic leader through a small skit and delivered the message of the Nobel laureate who through his struggle was able to replace the apartheid regime of South Africa with a multiracial democracy and thereby ushering the victory of good over the evil.

Half yearly Honour to the staff

In order to recognise the tireless efforts and selfless services of the teachers, Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar felicitated the teachers on September 27, 2017. Principal Dr. Jaishree Kanwar and Dean Shri Shriavastav honoured them. Ms. Rinky Soni, Senior Head Mistress was awarded with a certificate, shawl and a shreefal offered by Rotary Club on the Teachers’ Day. Half Yearly Honours for communication skills was awarded to Ms. Samina Jafri for English and Ms. Bharti Rao for Hindi. Ms. Anju Gogia was honoured for her creative ideas. Activity based teaching of Ms. Arti Jain was recognised. Ms. Savitha H.K.  was rewarded for her sustained dedicated efforts. In Co-scholastic areas, Ms. Seema Singh won the prize. Ms. Aastha Chuggani and Ms. Afroz Bano were honoured for their collaborative efforts and motivating mentorship respectively. Mr. Sachin Sharma was rewarded for his support management. From support staff Ajay bhaiya and Rekha didi were also awarded.

Junior House Assembly

"In each of us, two natures are at war – the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer. But in our own hands lies the power to choose – what we want most to be we are". The students of *Himachal House* presented an assembly on *Dussehra!* The word Dussehra has been derived from the Sanskrit word Dasahara meaning 'remover of bad fate'. A verbal description followed by a skit wherein, the students showcased the scene of *Sita Haran* and the demise of the evil *Ravana* by *Lord Ram* left the audience in awe. The performances were well executed and the getups acted as a cherry on top. A quick rendezvous took place wherein the students were questioned related to the skit which they answered impeccably. It was well executed and appreciated by all.

Dussehra Celebration

The management, staff and students of SPS GN celebrated Dussehra Festival on 27th of September 2017. The students of Primary Section enthrilled the audience with spectacular performance in Ram Leela leading to killing of Ravana, the demon King by Lord Rama which signifies the triumph of truth, righteousness and justice over evil, impropriety and injustice. In this occasion to mark the victory of good over evil and to guide the people to follow the path of virtue


Daksh Agrawal of Class IX won the Gold Medal in SGFI state level Archery competition at Sujalpur.

Priyanka Pant won the State level Badminton tournament.