15th Annual Cultural Fest (Day 1) 'The Virtuous Flight'

Amidst a vast panorama of vibrant colours, dazzling lights and scintillating music, Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar celebrated its 15th Annual Day with vibrancy and life being propelled into magnificent and reverberating celebrations at stage on November 15, 2019. The two day annual function festival comprised of Junior and Senior segments in which over 1500+ Sagarites exhibited their talent. The Juniors Annual Function was based on the theme ‘The Virtuous Flight’ with Captain Unnikrishnan - Founder and Director Learn Hive; ‘Sword of Honour’ from prestigious Officer training Academy of The Indian Army as the esteemed Chief Guest on the occasion. 

A colourful and spectacular presentation marked the celebration based on the theme ‘The Virtuous Flight’ - a quest of exploring a world full of values and virtues. Sagarites connected their exploration with visit to countries like UAE, Egypt, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, USA, Columbia, Iceland, Russia, Japan, China and India and presented the virtues of the land porting the seasons. Through a kalideoscope of dances they highlighted virtues of Honesty, Determination, Humility and Kindness. The flight was represented by The Garuda who took a symbolic virtuous flight making the audience witness the Blissful Benison of Peacock dance, Basking Bingo - Fun in the Sun, Arabian Dance - Rock & Troll, Egyptian Dance - Razzle N Dazzle Mexican dance - Tip Tap Toe, Mushroom dance - Puddle & Diddle, Hawain Dance - Jolly & Jamboree, Brazilian Dance - Bop till you drop, Columbian Dance - Sonic boom thunder dance, Russian dance and daffodil action song presenting virtues of humility, kindness, love and determination. The hues of life presented India as a land of all the seasons full of virtues that makes it ‘Atulyam Bharatam’.

Appreciating and encouraging the students Captain Unnikrishnan congratulated every student for their splendid performance. He lauded the efforts of the Principal and Teachers of the school for inculcating virtues amongst children with a strong message of serving mankind to lead the world.” Shri Sudhir Kumar Agrawal, Chairman, Sagar Group in his inspirational speech said that “Our schools focus on inculcating values amongst children and we will continue to expand our value system each day and create opportunities for children to build the nation.” Principal, Ms. Alpa Prabhu presented the annual report and catalogued the achievements of the school round the year. She said, we hope and aspire that Sagarites will continue to exhibit such noble virtues in their character and lead the world to a virtuous path. The annual function Virtuous Flight ended with a strong message to provide a distinct environment of excellence in education with humane values & social commitment. It concluded with a vote of thanks jointly presented by Ms Shailaja Reddy and Dr. Samreen Khan, Headmistresses Pre & Primary sections respectively.

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Programme wise photographs:

MOC & Coordinators                                   Lighting of the lamp

Shubhkamna                                                Blissful Benison

Benign Blessings                                          Basking Bingo - The Fun in the Sun

Rock and Troll                                               Razzle n Dazzle

Jump n Jive                                                     Tip Tap Toe

Let it pour                                                       Puddle and Diddle

Jolly and Jamboree                                        Bop till you Drop

Sonic Boom                                                    Kindliness

Frosty Flakes - Snow Man Dance                 Bounty Benevolence

Amiable Orchids                                            Hues of rectitude

Enliving the Virtues                                        Atulyam Bharatam

Date: 15-11-2019