15th Annual Cultural Fest (Day 2) 'The Virtuous Life'

Through the dazzle of vibrant music, well synchronized dances, burst of colours and highly coordinated movements, the tone and mood of the 15th Annual Cultural Soiree at SPS, GN was set on the eve of Nov 16th at 5.30 pm. It was an evening to remember and to celebrate our legacy, history and deep rooted value system that binds us as one people in this conflict ridden world, the theme being. A virtuous flight to a virtuous life. In keeping with the theme, the evening illumined on the life of a hero who rooted for spiritual integration of the world through universal brotherhood and karmayog, whose concern transcended beyond his own self and embraced humanity at large-Swami Vivekananda's birth, early life, times and his philosophy were traced through the scintillatng dance dramas, and musical treats such as Natkhat Athkheliyan, Atmanubhooti, Vishwavrishti, and many more.

Renowned author, life coach, movie maker and motivational speaker, Mr Arun Prabhu who also heads Sartrac Global, an organization devoted to the development of human beings around the globe, was the chief guest for the occasion.

The chairman of the school, in his address to the gathering expounded that the foundation of values is laid at school and hence it's imperative that students who are "the torchbearers of the nation are not beguiled by the pomp and show" of the world but guard well within themselves "the treasure of kindness, humility, honesty and determination". The school's Principal, Ms Alpa Prabhu, in a departure from the norm, catalogued the accomplishments and new initiatives of the school along with the school council members. The activities done under different segments of Academics, Literary, Cultural and Sports were covered by the Head girl, Literary, Cultural and Sports Secretaries respectively. With the vision of illuminating souls in a tumultous world through the values upheld by the school, the musical extravaganza culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by the Vice Principal of the school, Ms Mridu Saxena.

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Programme wise photographs:

Lighting of the Lamp- Shubharambh                         Shankhnaad - Divya Punj

Natkhat Athkheliyan                                                      Truthful Naren

Alankaran                                                                        Inspiring Ethos

Atmanubhuti                                                                  Vishwavrishti - Orchestra  

 Vishwakalyanam                                                           Uthishtith Jagrat Manuja

 Vote of Thanks - Aabhaar                                             Guard of Honour          

Date: 16-11-2019