Inter SPS Spellathon Competition 2019

Spelling and vocabulary are, in essence, two sides of the same coin. As a child studies the spelling of a word, he/she will discover its meaning. As a child learns the meaning of the word, it becomes easier to spell. And all of this enhances the child’s knowledge of the English language.

In order to grow the love of English language amongst the Sagarites, “Inter-SPS SPELLATHON” a maiden endeavour of SPS, GN was organized today 23/01/2019. It was an attempt to test the linguistic mettle of the Sagarites. The competition was held for two categories; class I & II and class III to V. All the rounds fabricated for the competition had the cog wheels of every participant working and even the audience. The rounds were Dictathon, Rime the Rhyme, Crack the Code, Spellfabet etc. wherein the intellectual level and their promptness were put to test.

SPS GN buzzed away with the winner’s trophy in classes III to V category, with SPSRN bagging the runners up trophy. Alvira Khan from SPSGN was awarded the title of Wordsmith 2018-19.

SPSGN took away the winners and runners up trophy in class I and II category, with Arnav from SPS, SN winning the title of Wordsmith 2018-19.

Date: 1/23/2019