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Building Connections-Creating Memories at SPS Gandhi Nagar through Class presentations by Sagarites of Nursery and KGI

February 19, 2024

The students from Classes Nursery and KG I embarked on a transformative five day program from February 19 to February 23, 2024, dedicated to fostering holistic development. Each day unfolded with a ceremonial beginning, featuring the lighting of the lamp, prayers and a shloka recitation by the young Sagarites. On day one, the vibrant students of KG-I A stole the spotlight with an enchanting assembly themed around "Plants - The gifts of nature." Sagarites delved into various aspects, sharing insights on things derived from plants, their needs, and the crucial message of planting more trees. Day two showcased the dynamic efforts of Class KG-I B, presenting an engaging assembly on "Farm Animals." Through vibrant visuals and interactive participation, the students displayed their understanding of farm animals and the products derived from them. Charismatic Sagarites of Class KG-I C took the stage on day three, presenting a captivating assembly on "Community Helpers." The skit portrayed different community helpers, shedding light on their vital roles and contributions to society. Day four witnessed the active participation of dynamic Sagarites from KG-I D in a presentation on "Festivals", where the students shared insights into the celebration and significance of various festivals. The concluding day five brought forth the budding talents of Nursery A and B, who presented a special assembly on "Seasons." Their depiction of the different seasons in India conveyed the message that all seasons are beautiful for those who carry happiness within. Beyond the class presentations, each day involved engaging Parent-Child Activities such as "Find your child’s creativity," "Origami," "Diya decoration," "Recognize the sound" and "Draw and Colour." These activities aimed to strengthen communication and coordination between parents and children. Overall, the five-day event of Nursery and KG I served as a beacon of holistic development, nurturing creativity, imagination and self-expression.