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Inter-SPS Spellathon Competition 2023-24

February 17, 2024

The Inter-SPS Spellathon Competition 2023-24 at Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar, unfolded as a linguistic spectacle, bringing together six teams from different branches for a day of spirited challenges. The competition comprised four rounds tailored for different classes, assessing linguistic skills and spelling abilities. For Classes I and II, the rounds included Dictation, Anagrammatise, Vowel Quest, Buzz the Buzzer and Spell Wordsmith. Classes III to V engaged in Spin to Win, Pick a Boo, Bee Sting and Spell Wordsmith. Enthusiastic students showcased a profound commitment to mastering language, demonstrating their linguistic prowess. The diverse challenges in each round served as catalysts for learning, fostering a deeper understanding of language and spelling. Emphasizing healthy competition, the event provided a unique avenue for students to develop and showcase their linguistic proficiency. In the culmination of this linguistic celebration, Team Sagar Public School, Rohit Nagar, emerged as the triumphant winner while Team Sagar Public School, Saket Nagar was the Runner Up for Classes I and II. For Classes III to V, Team Sagar Public School, Saket Nagar, claimed the top spot, while Team Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar was the Runner Up. The Spell Wordsmith titles were awarded to Shivansh Gurjar and Hridyaj Yadav, from Sagar Public School, Saket Nagar. The event celebrated linguistic achievement and ignited a lasting passion for language learning among the participants.