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Sagar Utsav- Family Extravaganza @ SPS Gandhi Nagar

February 25, 2024

Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar orchestrated a delightful event, the Sagar Extravaganza, on February 25, 2024 aimed at fostering family bonding and providing a platform for children aged 1-8 to showcase their talents. The event was a vibrant celebration of familial ties, with activities tailored for both parents and children to enjoy together. From solo and group dances to the heartwarming parent-child dance dramas, every performance was a testament to the joy of shared experiences. In addition to the performances, the event offered various avenues for creative expression. Children dazzled the audience with their storytelling skills and mesmerizing poem recitations. The vibrant hues of the colouring and painting activities adorned the venue with youthful energy. For the more adventurous participants, skating provided an exhilarating experience, while recreational games ensured endless fun for all attendees. To keep everyone refreshed, a delightful spread of sprouts and juices was served to the guests, enhancing the overall experience of the event. The Sagar Extravaganza truly embodied the spirit of community, creativity and camaraderie, leaving indelible memories for all who attended.